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Energy Storage Systems

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Maximizing your return on a storage investment means making the most of what you have.

Our unique modular approach to battery management yields a more precise charge and discharge of power to deliver superior peak output while reducing the levelized cost of storage. It increases the reliability and availability of the system   while improved sinusoidal output translates into fewer losses in transformers and filters, reducing waste and improving efficiency.

Benefits of our system:

  • BESS system enables value stacking*
  • System can be installed in phases over time
  • System is agnostic across battery chemistries and ages
  • Improved use of the batteries via better balancing of State of Charge (SOC) and State of Health (SOH)
  • Improved safety and efficiency via thermal balancing
  • High round trip efficiency
  • Higher reliability and fault tolerance
  • Lower levelized cost of storage (LCOS)
  • Less harmonic distortion
  • Improved MTBR and MTBF

Our innovative technology is designed to be both modular and scalable, offering unparalleled precision and dynamic control when integrating batteries with the grid. This sophisticated approach allows for significant enhancements in productivity across every charge and discharge cycle, leading to improved system performance and overall efficiency. Furthermore, our solutions are crafted to be cost-effective, combining modularity, flexibility, and scalability; the tightly integrated systems  ensure economic efficiency while improving quality. Additionally, customer value and transparency is prioritized in system operations via high-fidelity system monitoring and intelligent system control. This comprehensive approach ensures that our customers can optimize their energy storage and distribution capabilities, making the most of their investment while maintaining clear oversight of system operations.

*Value Stacking refers to the strategic approach of operating a battery system to harness multiple revenue streams or operational benefits simultaneously or sequentially.

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