Frequently Asked Questions

What is the correlation between TAE Fusion Power and TAE Power Solutions?

Our $150M National Laboratory-scale fusion device originally known as C-2W is TAE’s fifth-generation fusion reactor prototype, now named Norman after our late technology co-founder, Dr. Norman Rostoker. Norman operates on hydrogen and deuterium fuel for the purpose of creating plasma and researching its confinement. From mid-2016 through mid-2017, we constructed Norman from scratch and now perform an average of 650 experiments per month. Norman is roughly 24 meters/80 feet long, 7m/22ft high and weighs about 27 metric tons/60,000 lbs. The center of the machine sits about 3m/10ft off the floor, and the identical divertor vessels on each end measure about 3.4m/11ft in diameter. Norman consumes up to 750 megawatts of peak power, comparable to a large utility-scale power plant. 

How did TAE develop its power management technology?

TAE had to solve a power problem for fusion. Our local grid provides 2MW of power; Norman operates at 750MW. In order to bridge this gap, we needed an extremely scalable energy storage and power delivery system. With no sufficient solution available in market, TAE developed a proprietary integrated energy storage module that combines any battery with a dedicated controller and converter, which can be assembled into energy storage and power delivery systems for all applications.

Has TAE invented a new battery?

No, TAE’s power management and mobility platform works with all battery chemistries and other storage elements like supercapacitors, as well as hybrid systems like hydrogen fuel cells. Regardless of the types of energy storage or battery chemistries used, TAE’s power management and mobility platform maximizes their performance, ensures the longest life possible, and minimizes system cost.

Are there additional applications for TAE's proprietary power management technology?

TAE Technologies has developed a transformational power management solution for its current fusion machine Norman, which delivers up to 750 megawatts of electricity with highly flexible, efficient and accurate bi-directional, sub-millisecond scale control. We have performed considerable due diligence and have not seen any similar competing technology base in the market today. TAE Technologies is now developing partnerships to leverage this breakthrough innovation for rapid commercialization in both the mobility and stationary markets to extend range, efficiency, and faster charging of electric vehicles, as well as for deployment in residential, commercial, industrial, and utility-scale electrical grid applications.