M-Series BESS

Multi Level Cascade Topology

The M-Series battery systems are modular, scalable, and adaptable, designed for mobile applications such as site-level energy storage, energy resilience, demand response, and other off-grid needs.

Main features of our Portable BESS are:

  • Base blocks:
    • 240 V (1P,3W) 45 kW 
    • 208 V (3P,4W) 60 kW
    • 480 V (3P,4W) 150 kW
    • 400 V (3P,4W) 125 kW
  • Advanced load balancing capabilities
  • Agnostic across battery chemistry and ages
  • Clean power output (perfect sinusoidal wave)
  • Operating Temp:
    • Charge 0 – 55°C
    • Discharge -30 – 55°C

Our proprietary Power Management algorithms monitor and dynamically balance State of Charge (SOC), State of Health (SOH) & Temperature in real-time, across every module in the storage system delivering fusion-grade precision power to commercial and industrial loads, with vastly improved performance and lower Levelized Cost of Storage (LCOS):

Increased Power and Energy Density

Compact package and design, increased power and energy density by up to 1.5×.

Between 10% and 20% Higher Energy Efficiency

Balancing SOC of each module for better utilization of batteries.

Sustained Peak Power Output

Thermal balancing between modules to enable longer peak power loads, maximizing revenue capture.

Increased uptime & fault tolerance

In the event of a module failure, the individual module can be bypassed for continued operation and replaced when convenient.

Enhanced Maintenance and Upgradeability

System can be easily maintained, upgraded and extended over time, with the flexibility to use batteries of different chemistries and ages across modules.

Seamless Transition

Transition between grid-forming and grid-following in less than 8 milliseconds, which eliminates the need for additional UPS devices.

*Simulation data compared to conventional battery-electric powertrains and conventional battery storage systems. Actual performance results may vary.

**Concept shown. Actual modules/packs subject to change.