About Us

For All the Ways Energy Works

At TAE, we see a future fueled by good, clean power: Electricity that is abundant, carbon-free, non-radioactive, and affordable for all, provided by commercial fusion energy. But the path to that perfect energy source demands innovations we can implement today.

Enter TAE Power Solutions. Our revolutionary technologies were originally developed to bridge the gap between the amount of power needed to run a TAE fusion research reactor and what was supplied by the local power grid.

With no sufficient solution available in the market, TAE created a first-of-its-kind energy storage and power delivery system. That innovation has unlocked a complete clean energy ecosystem, including more affordable and efficient storage, ultrafast charging capabilities, electric vehicle powertrains, peak shaving, buffering, and second life of batteries. TAE Power Solutions is now adapting the same technology invented to power our fusion technology for your car, home, or business – accelerating the transition to an electrified world.