Power Management Technology

ACi Pack

A traditional battery system is often made up of battery cells joined together to create modules which are then joined in series or parallel to create a battery pack. Today’s battery systems are controlled at the pack level.

TAE Power Solutions’ ACi technology intelligently controls the battery system at the module level by integrating low-cost converters and control systems into each module, creating what we call a Converter Battery Module (CBM).

The ACi Pack is made up of CBMs that deliver precision control of each module within the pack, which enables us to unlock the full potential of the battery.

Each CBM features fully integrated energy storage, power electronics, and controls. This approach provides independent monitoring of temperature, State of Charge, and State of Health of each module and enables the battery pack to deliver AC current directly.

1.A low voltage converter, local electronic control unit (ECU), and battery management system (BMS) are integrated within a single Power Management Unit (PMU).
*Image concept shown. Actual modules/packs subject to change.
2. PMUs are combined with a standard battery module to create a Convertor Battery Module (CBM).
3. CBMs are combined to make the ACi Pack.

Fusion-Grade Precision Control

Through the separate control of each CBM, our technology intelligently monitors and balances temperature, State of Charge (SOC), and State of Health (SOH) in real time to ensure the best performance out of every module, delivering greater efficiency and longer life.*Image concept shown. Actual modules/packs subject to change.

Ride The Perfect Wave

TAE Power Solutions’ ACi technology delivers a cleaner sine wave directly from the battery pack itself, delivering higher efficiency from electric motors and removing the need for a separate inverter, DC-DC converter, and onboard chargers.
*Image concept shown. Actual modules/packs subject to change.

Ultrafast Pulse Charging

The electronics embedded in each module allow us to pulse charge the batteries, creating a charge 2x faster* than today’s current systems with existing cell chemistries.
*Image concept shown. Actual modules/packs subject to change.

Increased Safety and Reliability

Cell failures in an ACi Pack can be detected and bypassed quickly, preventing a breakdown by moving that cell failure to a service event. Better management of the cells also leads to longer life of the systems.

*Simulation data compared to conventional battery-electric powertrains and conventional battery storage systems. Actual performance results may vary.