TAE Power Solutions is Born of Fusion

The breakthrough technology that was invented to collect and store megawatts of power and deliver precise sinusoidal waves to TAE’s fusion research reactors has now been adapted to deliver lower cost, higher performing energy storage and power delivery systems for the next generation of electric vehicles, large and small.

TAE Power Solutions’ innovative modular technology enables EVs to charge two times faster, go 10-15% longer, and last longer in use than conventional battery-electric powertrains. The same components can scale for stationary systems to maximize renewable energy and reduce the levelized cost of storage.

TAE Power Solutions makes our transition to an electrified world more efficient and more affordable than ever before.

Learn more about TAE’s fusion story.


Accelerating Efficiency in EVs

TAE Power Solutions has created a superior power management system for electric transportation by streamlining EV powertrain components, cost, and weight – combining that efficiency with the ability to dynamically monitor the battery’s State of Charge and State of Health for unparalleled performance.

Energy Storage

Access Energy When and Where You Need it Most

Maximizing your return on a storage investment means making the most of what you have. Our unique modular approach to battery management yields a more precise charge and discharge of power to deliver superior peak output while reducing the levelized cost of storage.

Charging Technology

High Power, Not High Anxiety

We offer a range of fast chargers, UL certified and ready for deployment, with powers outputs of 180kW, 360kW and 400kW.

Simulation data compared to conventional battery-electric powertrains and conventional battery storage systems. Actual performance results may vary.