C-Series BESS

Centralized Topology

The C-Series battery systems are scalable, and flexible, utilizing a centralized PCS design.

Main features of our C-Series BESS are:

  • Key Inverter Design Parameters
    • Inverters leverage complex space vector modulation algorithm for improved controller and quicker response improving system performances
    • Inverter has DC isolators in the event of a short circuit current in the BESS
    • DC Pre-charge to balance voltages on both sides before connection
    • Ultra-fast fuses on the DC-side to prevent damage to the batteries
    • Fully operational PQ curve for active and reactive power
    • Inverter overload to withstand 150% or even 175%
    • Floating DC system to extend service life of the batteries
  • Bankability
    • Independent Engineer Evaluated Products with bankability records
    • More than 1.2 GW of installed inverters worldwide
    • MTBF greater than 100,000 hours
    • Life expectancy for 25 years with proper preventive maintenance

*Concept shown. Actual modules/packs subject to change.