D-Series BESS

Distributed Topology

The D-Series battery systems are modular, scalable, and flexible, utilizing a distributed PCS design with in-rack inverter and controller.

Main features of our D-Series BESS are:

  • Power levels from 75kW to 1.25MW  
  • Energy levels from 301kWh- 100MWh+
  • Advanced load balancing capabilities
  • Agnostic across battery chemistry and ages
  • Clean power output
  • Pre-fabrication in a container
  • Operating Temp:
    • Charge 0 – 55°C
    • Discharge -30 – 55°C

Our proprietary Power Management algorithms monitor and dynamically balance State of Charge, State of Health & Temperature in real-time, across every string in the storage system delivering fusion-grade precision power to commercial and industrial loads, with vastly improved performance and lower Levelized Cost of Storage:

10% Higher Energy Efficiency

Balancing SOC and temperature of each string, with better battery utilization (+3%pts efficiency) and liquid cooling (+7%pts efficiency).

10% (2yr) Longer Cycle Life

Liquid cooling combined with balancing of temperature and SOH between strings increase the life of the batteries in the system.

Increased Uptime & Availability

In the event of a failure within any string, the string can be bypassed for continued operation and replaced when convenient.

Enhanced Maintenance and Upgradeability

System can be easily maintained, upgraded and extended over time, with the flexibility to use batteries of different chemistries and ages across strings.

Between 10% and 15% Reduced Footprint; Simple and Compact Installation

‘All in one’ pre-fabricated design enables a simpler, faster, safer, lower-cost, and more compact installation on-site.

*Simulation data compared to conventional battery-electric powertrains and conventional battery storage systems. Actual performance results may vary.

**Concept shown. Actual modules/packs subject to change.