TPS Software and Bridge

Insights from Cell to System to Optimize your Asset Performance


The TPS Software platform will protect your BESS asset investments and provide you with real time operational monitoring, alerting and predictive features to increase the lifetime of your BESS assets.


TPS Software

TPS Software is a cloud-based platform including dashboards for health monitoring and alerts. Customers can leverage data at the system-wide, aggregate level or down to the lowest level cell.


Performance Monitoring from system to cell:

  • Cell level battery insights
    • Anomaly detection, advanced warning
    • Advanced SOH monitoring
  • System performance reporting SOC, Time of Use, Run Rate, Availability
  • Customizable Alerts
  • APIs for integration with existing EMS & SCADA systems
  • Warranty and history reporting giving you live asset valuation
  • Remote configuration and control

Predictive features enabled by deep data insights:

  • Predictive health monitoring & performance tradeoffs
  • Predictive maintenance alerts
  • Predictive failure analysis
TPS Bridge

The TPS Bridge enables seamless data transmission with top-of-the-line cybersecurity to enable fine grained battery insights so you can unlock the full value of your BESS asset.

Parameters Specifications
Dimensions 100 mm x 125 mm x 90 mm
Power Supply DC 24V
Mechanical Mounting DIN Rail & Flat Mount
Internal Communication Protocols CAN / CAN FD
RS-232 / 485
External Communication Protocols WiFi
Optional integration of LTE 4G
Memory Capacity 4 GB RAM
128 GB eMMC flash
Buffering 24hr full fidelity data storage
Certification UL / IEC 61010
FCC 47 CFR Section 2.907
Designed to: UL 121201 Class 1
Cyber Security ANSI / CAN / UL 2900 and IEC 62351
SEI CERT C / C+ and IEC 62351
Environmental Temperature: -20° to 50° C
Operating humidity: 10 – 90 %

TPS Bridge & TPS Software Currently Under Development.