Drive your EVs Faster, Stronger, Farther, and Longer

Driving the EV Revolution

Faster, Stronger, Further, Longer


High power, not high anxiety


TAE Power Solutions’ patented pulse technology can charge your EV faster than conventional superchargers


Go farther than ever before on a single charge


Enjoy the open road


Charge your vehicle faster than the rest


Deliver more power to your motor


Charge your vehicle faster than the rest


Increase your EV driving range


Increase your vehicle battery life

When Less is More

Today’s EV powertrain systems are made up of many components that create inefficiencies as they convert DC to AC and back again.

Existing systems also control the whole battery pack, meaning if there is a problem with any one of the cells, the pack performance is limited by the capability of the weakest link.

TAE Power Solutions created a radically different power management system for electric transportation. Where a conventional EV powertrain requires at least 9 components, TAE Power Solutions’ innovation reduces that number by combining the job of the onboard charger, battery management system (BMS), DC/DC converter, and inverter for streamlined, cost-effective operations. 

The introduction of the TAE Power Solutions technology unlocks the true potential of the battery with the ability to balance thermal loads and actively monitor State of Charge (SOC) and State of Health (SOH) for precise control of each module in the pack. This unique approach enables systems that are faster charging, have stronger sustained power, and are longer lasting to ensure EVs can go the distance without range anxiety. 

Charge Up

Charge 2x Faster

By creating high frequency pulses, we can warm up batteries faster and charge them at their optimal rate for longer without overheating or damaging the cells.
*Concept shown. Actual charging stations subject to change.

Go 10 - 15% Farther

Up to 10-15% increase in km/kWh

Higher efficiencies in our system allows for more of each cell’s energy to be put to work for a longer period of time. This comes from:

  • ~3% increase from balancing the amount of charge in each module.
  • 5% increased efficiency* in the motor from our enhanced AC power output and a more precise sinusoidal wave.
  • 3% efficiency* of the ACi Pack vs. a conventional inverter over the Artemis 130 driving cycle.
    *Concept shown. Actual module/pack subject to change. 


Increase in sustained peak power output

High discharge rates in today’s batteries cause the cells to heat up quickly but often with significant temperature differences across the pack. TAE Power Solutions’ technology allows these temperatures to be balanced evenly between modules, resulting in a higher sustained peak output without damaging the cells.
* Concept shown.  Actual module/pack subject to change.


Longer life of the battery pack

Today’s battery systems are limited to the life of the worst-performing cells, often with
an imbalance in the State of Health between each module. TAE Power Solutions’ system deploys dynamic State of Health monitoring of each module, ensuring balanced loads between the modules, reduced temperature imbalances, and optimized pack longevity. Because of our unique ability to control each module separately, should a fault be detected within any module, that defect can be bypassed without impacting operations until the vehicle can be taken in for repair. 
*Concept shown. Actual module/pack subject to change.

Simulation data compared to conventional battery-electric powertrains and conventional battery storage systems. Actual performance results may vary.