The Future
is Electric.

Sprint Power and Eltrium join
TAE Power Solutions.​

Twenty five years ago TAE Technologies was founded with the singular purpose of developing commercially viable, economical, carbon free fusion energy. Steeped in the promise of theory and led by the vanguard of plasma physics scientists, we targeted fusion—and continue to make advancements there daily. 

Along the way, we discovered other powerful novel innovations.

First, TAE saw the potential to treat cancer with technology derived from the accelerator beams used for fusion research, and spun-out TAE Life Sciences in 2017 to develop and commercialize a comprehensive boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT) solution. This advanced biologically targeted radiation therapy selectively targets cancer cells at the cellular level and has potential to improve patient lives with difficult-to-treat cancers. 

And while we were building our fifth-generation fusion research reactor, Norman, which has now successfully sustained plasma at over 70 million degrees, we realized the market hadn’t invented the tools we needed to effectively power the machine—yet. The problem was that while we had a 2 megawatt feed from the power company, we needed more than 750 megawatts to be delivered in an instant. Scale wasn’t the only problem we needed to solve for. Powering a fusion research reactor means delivering electricity to 80,000 electrified parts with different power and timing requirements.

What we developed is a highly modular and very adaptable system that can revolutionize different applications across the entire electric powered ecosystem.

When TAE adapted its power technology to the world of electric mobility, it helped overcome the most enduring roadblocks to EV adoption: range anxiety. Based on the simulations completed so far, the TAE AC Intelligent Battery Controller or ACi Pack, will be capable of charging standard battery chemistries up to four times faster and increase the vehicle range by as much as 20% resulting in far less time plugged in and more miles on the road.

Beyond electric vehicles, our technology has applications in stationary energy storage. 

Whether the goal is to enable wind and solar to store energy to deliver dispatchable power or allowing residential consumers to store and utilize excess solar power, the economic end result comes down to efficiency. Efficiency that can be found in fewer components, AC/DC flexibility, more efficient battery charging or more precise power delivery. In the end, based on our simulations, TAE’s ACi Pack technology resulted in a levelized cost of storage (LCOS) reduction of up to 19%. TAE Power Solutions storage products can receive and deliver either AC or DC power and do so with fewer components, higher efficiency and lower total cost of ownership. 

It is one thing to have a pool of brilliant scientists and engineers to develop a new approach to power management. It is another thing entirely to manufacture, test, and commercialize this technology at high levels of quality and volume. To that end, we are pleased to announce that TAE Power Solutions has found the perfect partners in Sprint Power and Eltrium. Both UK companies are expert in the design and delivery of F1 quality motorsport solutions. Adding these industry leading professionals to the TAE Power Solutions family will accelerate our time to market and enhance the real-world performance of our products. 

At TAE Technologies, we remain committed to developing commercial fusion energy that can power the world. As we pursue this audacious goal we are also committed to celebrating the talents of our team and bringing technology born of fusion to new applications. 

The future is electric with opportunity for clean, abundant, carbon-free energy, and we fully intend to power it.