Longer cycle life

Higher round trip efficiency

More peak power

Predictable, Powerful, Affordable

TAE Power Solutions has reimagined energy storage and management to provide peak power output, lower levelized cost of storage, and longer battery life.

The inspiration behind our approach to power management came directly from necessity. TAE Technologies’ fifth-generation research reactor “Norman” requires up to 750 MW of power to operate for less than half a second. With only two megawatts available from the local grid, this posed a problem for our fusion engineers. How could we meet the high power and high precision requirements of fusion with limited grid resources?

TAE Power Solutions’ reimagining of power and battery management has resulted in more precise charge and discharge to deliver superior peak power output while reducing levelized cost of storage by as much as 20%*.

Charge Up

Charge 2x Faster

TAE Power Solutions’ patented pulse technology can charge battery systems 2x faster* with existing cell chemistries, improving response times and delivering higher rates of return.
*Concept shown. Actual modules/packs subject to change

Higher Efficiency

Do more with less, with higher efficiency

Our unique technology eliminates the requirement for separate DC to AC conversion and our improved sinusoidal output translates into fewer losses in transformers and filters, reducing waste and improving efficiency .
*Concept shown. Actual modules/packs subject to change.


Higher sustained peak power output

High discharge rates in today’s battery energy storage systems cause the cells to heat up quickly with significant temperature differences generated across the pack. Our technology allows the temperatures to be balanced between modules, delivering a higher sustained peak power output without damaging the cells.

The individual control at each module also allows us to mix cell chemistries and ages of cells in one pack, meaning we can further tailor a battery system for peak power demands vs. capacity, utilizing the best of multiple types of cell chemistries to deliver the perfect solution for improved performance and higher rates of return.
*Concept shown. Actual  modules/packs subject to change.


Longer lasting battery systems

Today’s battery systems are limited to the life of the worst-performing cells, often with an imbalance in the state of health between each module. TAE Power Solutions’ system deploys dynamic state of health monitoring of each module, ensuring balanced loads between the modules, reduced temperature imbalances and optimized pack longevity.

Because of our unique ability to control each module separately, should a fault be detected within any module that defect can be bypassed without impacting operations until the vehicle can be taken in for repair. A problem that could cause a vehicle off the road in a conventional system becomes a minor issue for maintenance in the future.
*Concept shown. Actual modules/packs subject to change.

Simulation data compared to conventional battery-electric powertrains and conventional battery storage systems. Actual performance results may vary.